Do you live your life in your head
Are all the words that you wanted to say,
all the things you wanted to be,
all the the places you wanted to go,
All the friends you have,
all the happiness you have.
Do they all occur, in your head

Are all the real conversations you’ve had,
happened between you and yourself, all in your head.
Do you escape from the four walls of your room,
to open fields and social scenes, all in your head.
Does there exits a secret you,
smarter, prettier, more social, not inhibited,
able to do what he or she wants, but only in your head.

Do you live a life like a tree.
Does the world happen and you just sway in the breeze.
Does other people’s life waft in front of your eyes,
and there is no sunshine, except when you are free,
to be alone, to finally breathe, to be the real me, that lives only in your head.

Do you want to scream,
play like a child on the beach,
run into someone’s arms, and fall asleep.
but you look like a shriveled weed.